Women in the Park

YEAR 2007
PRODUCER BY Film Stock Investment, S.A. 
SCREENPLAY BY Felipe Vega, Manuel Hidalgo 
STARRING Adolfo Fernándex, Blanca Apilánez, Emma Villarasau, Bárbara Lennie, Alberto Ferreiro

Daniel, a music and piano teacher and Ana who own an art gallery are going through a rough patch in their relationship after twenty years together. Daniel has gone to live by himself and wants a divorce. Ana can’t bring herself to accept the situation and the tense atmosphere is affecting their daughter Monica. Monica has just finished studying journalism and is feeling particularly vulnerable because she looking for work with her boyfriend Daniel but she can’t find anything. Music seems to be the only thing that centres and calms Daniel, a man is ill at ease with himself and with everyone else. He is in a far-from-perfect relationship with a married woman, Clara who arouses Monica’s curiosity. One night Monica finds herself involved in an embarrassin gand incomprehensible episode along with Daniel, Ana and Clara.

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