Widows on Thursdays 

YEAR 2010
PRODUCER BY Film Stock investment S.A., Castafiore Films S.L., Agrupación de Cine 005, A.I.E., Haddock Films 
DIRECTED BY Eduardo Cortés
SCREENPLAY BY Eduardo Cortés, Piti Español, Marcelo Figueras
STARRING Guillermo Francella, Nicolás Cabré, Amaia Salamanca, Óscar Jaenada, Jordi Martínez, Daniel Fanego, Francesc Albiol, Jorge Suquet, Esmeralda Moya
MUSIC BY Roque Baños

Life is idyllic in exclusive country club of Los Altos: a perfect bubble in a land on the verge of bankruptcy. Trophy wives, success and four best friends… perfect façade but soon three bodies will be found floating in one of the pools. In thisperfectworld, convictions now begin to falter and there is a growing sensation that the worst is yet to come…

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