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YEAR 2000
PRODUCED BY Film Stock Investment SA, D.M.V.B, I.C.A.I.C, Amaranta
DIRECTED BY Juan Carlos Tabio
SCREENPLAY BY Juan Carlos Tabio, Arturo Arango, Senel Paz
STARRING Jorge Perugorría, Vladimir Cruz
MUSIC BY José María Vitier

Somewhere in the middle of Cuba, the line waiting for a bus grows longer by the hour. In typical Cuban style, every bus that arrives is jammed to the gunnels. The only hope is to wait for the bus station´s sole vehicle to be fixed. The hours go by and quite naturally, the passengers begin to talk amongst themselves to pass the time. Among the cast of characters are Emilio, a young engineer; Jacqueline, a beautiful young woman engaged to a Spaniard; and a blind man.

The bus station manager, announces that due to the inability to fix the bus, the station will be closing for the night. Most of the people leave, but Emilio suggests to the stragglers that they take destiny into their own hands and repair the bus themselves.

From that moment on, the story unfolds, and almost all of the characters come to terms with the best parts of themselves.

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