Virgin Rose

YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BY Film Stock Investment, S.L, ICAIC
DIRECTED BY Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón 
SCREENPLAY BY Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, José manuel Prieto, Senel Paz
STARRING Jorge Perugorría, Alex González, Ana De Armas, Broselianda Hernández, Roxana Montenegro, Yoraisy Gómez, Marian Curbello
MUSIC BY Xavier Capellas

Once upon a time in Cuba…. at whatever time we want the story to take place.Simon a seductive but criminal man is travelling in an old boat taking clandestine immigrants to New York. He abandons them on a little island andleaves them to their fate, sarcastic and impassive. A North American patrol boat finds the clandestine boat and starts to chase it unbothered by the factthat it is violating Cuban waters. Andrés, a young sailor in the clandestine boat saves Simon’s life and is injured by the North American bullets. Simonwill always be grateful to the young Andrés, in spite of the fact that hehappens to fall in love with Maria, a provocative teenager who is under theprotection of the evel Simón.Conflict is inevitable. Marie and Andrés, the couple in love, try to flee from Cuba on their way to New York. Simón is going to do everything possible and impossible to stop them.

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