Triple Agent

YEAR 2004
PRODUCER BY Rezo Producions SARL, Mentor Cinema, Alta produccion, S.L Unipersonal, Film Stock Investment, S.A., Strada Producions, Bim Produzione
STARRING  Serge Renko, Katerina Didaskalou, Amanda Langlet, Emmanuel Salinger

in 1936, the Popular Front and the Spanish war are causing agitation. Fiodor, ayoung general in the zarist army, a refugee in Paris with his Greek wifeArsinoé, are part of this tense atmosphere. While she sympathizes with her communist neighbours he makes secret trips and enjoys worrying those aroundhim. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a spy but he won’t say who for. White anticommunists, the young Soviet Union, the Nazis or all at the same time? Doeshe himself know, he, who loves his wife but who is willing to sacrifice her forthe sake of a sordid plot?

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