Thirty Chimes

YEAR 2002
PRODUCER BY Continental Producciones, S.L, Castelao Productions, S.A.U., Film Stock Investment, S.A., Atresmedia Cine, S.L, Televisión de Galicia, S.A, Take 2000
DIRECTED BY Eduardo Cortés
SCREENPLAY BY Eduardo Cortés, Piti Español, Marcelo Figueras
STARRING Guillermo Francella, Nicolás Cabré, Amaia Salamanca, Óscar Jaenada, Jordi Martínez, Daniel Fanego, Francesc Albiol, Jorge Suquet, Esmeralda Moya
MUSIC BY Roque Baños

Jacobo, a young sculptor returns to his home town after a 20-year absence because of his mother’s delicate health. She’s in a psychiatric hospital. Therehe once again meets people he has almost forgotten and they help him to face upto certain events he has been running away from for a good part of his life. This leads him into the heart of a nightmare with no escape, where he discover ssomething terrible, the fundamental piece of an enigmatic plan.

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