Things I left in Havana


YEAR 1998
PRODUCED BY Film Stock Investment SA, Sociedad General de Cine SA
DIRECTED BY Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
SCREENPLAY BY Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón y Paz Senel
STARRING Jorge Pedugorria, Violeta Rodríguez, Kiti Mánver, Broselianda Hernández, Isabel Santos, Daisy Granados, Charo Soriano
MUSIC BY José María Vitier

Three cheerful, friendly and beautiful Cuban girls leave La Habana for Madrid.  They are three sisters and Nena, the youngest, aspires to be an actress.  Their Cuban-Spanish aunt takes them to her home and provides a roof over their heads and meals …, but she also makes them work for her for free.

Nena -only 17 years old- escapes at night for her theater rehearsals.  During the Madrid night, Nena’s path is crossed by Igor, a handsome, slick fellow, who is also Cuban.

Although Igor is looking for a Spanish girl to “protect” him, the hot Cuban falls in love with the lovely Nena.  And the course of destiny is twisted.

Nena ends up being a success in the television soap operas, and Igor will have to return to his old job, a professional good-looker, and charmer of Spanish girls.

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