The Tip of The Iceberg

YEAR 2015
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, Mistery Producciones A.I.E., Perequen Films, Hernández y Fernández PC.  
DIRECTED BY David Cánovas
SCREENPLAY BY David Cánovas, José Amaro Carrillo Based on a play “The Tip of the Iceberg” by Antonio Tabares
STARRING Maribel Verdú, Carmelo Gómez, Fernando Cayo, Bárbara Goenaga, Jesús Castejón, Carlo D’Ursi, Juan Fernández, Álex García, Ginés García Millán, Nieve de Medina
MUSIC Antonio Hernández Ruíz

A large multinational Company is badly shaken when three of its employees commit suicide. Sofia Cuevas, one of the company’s top executives, is chosen to prepare an in-house report to try and shed some light on the events. Her meetings with the work force uncover an unhealthy working atmosphere.

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