The Substitute

Cartel Alta Caprichos

YEAR 2020
PRODUCED BY Tornasol, Isaba Producciones Cinematográficas A.I.E., Voramar Films coproduction with Entre Chien et Loup (Belgium)
SCREENPLAY BY Óscar Aibar y María Luisa Calderón
STARRING Ricardo Gómez, Vicky Luengo, Pere Ponce, Pol López, Joaquín Climent, Nuria Herrero, Frank Feys, Bruna Cusí, Susi Sánchez
MUSIC BY Manuel Roland


1982. A young cop who grew up around Madrid´s toughest neighbourhoods takes an assignment in a coastal town in the hopes of not only curing his daughter´s illness but also finding some peace and quiet. However, once there, he finds himself embroiled in the enquiry into the strange circumstances of his predecessor´s murder. The investigation will lead him to a beach hotel where a community of former Nazi officers -claimed by several countries for crimes against humanity- lives a peaceful and paradisiacal life.

Official Selection for Competition at the 2021 Málaga Film Festival

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