The Secret in Their Eyes

YEAR 2009
PRODUCER BY El Secreto de sus ojos A.I.E., Film Stock Investment S.A., Haddock Films, 100 Bares
DIRECTED BY Juan José Campanella
SCREENPLAY BY Juan José Campanella, Eduardo Sacheri
STARRING Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino,Guillermo Francella, José Luis Gioia
MUSIC BY Federico Jusid 

Benjamín Chaparro has just retired after working all his life as an employee at a Criminal Court. To fill his free time, he decides to write a novel based on a real story he witnessed and played a leading role in.The novel he is writing seems to be the story of a 1973 murder in Buenos Aires and the investigation to find the perpetrator. But once he has opened the doors to the past, Chaparro finds it impossible to close them again. That is because the turbulent Argentina of those times infiltrates the lives of his characters with its weight of violence and death.And most of all, because although Chaparro believes that the story he is weaving is only about the past, his search sheds a harsh light on his own life in present day, forcing him to face a dilemma related to love which has been an obsession fortoolong. Reconstructing the past will lead him to delve into his own feelings, behaviour and decisions. And finding the truth will turn out to be not a literary goal but the key enabling him to open the door to live the rest of his life.

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