The Last Circus 

YEAR 2010
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment S.A, Castafiore Films S.L., La Fabrique 2
DIRECTED BY  Álex De la Iglesia
SCREENPLAY BY  Álex De la Iglesia
STARRING  Carlos Areces, Antonio De La Torre, Carolina Bang, Manuel Tallafé, José Manuel Cervino, Manuel Tejada, Paco Sagarzazu
MUSIC BY  Roque Baños

1937 Spanish civil war, circus´ clowns are recruited by force to join the militia and the butchery starts as they are still in their clown costume. Years after, Javier y Sergio, two terrifyingly disfigured clowns battle to the death to win anacrobat´sambiguous love. Their incredible confrontation is a satirical reflection of Franco´s dictatorship during which the story takes place. As in the drama between the two Spains, both clowns destroy the object of their love in their struggle.

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