The Inner Life of Martin Frost

YEAR 2007
PRODUCER BY  Alma Films, Clap Filmes, Film Stock Investment, S.A.
DIRECTED BY Gerardo Herrero
STARRING David Thelwlis, Irène Jacob, Michael Imperioli, Sophie Auster
MUSIC BY Lauren Petitgand

Successful novelist Martin Frost has just published a book when he decides totake some time off in a country house. On waking the first morning, Frost isamazed to discover a mysterious stunning woman lying next to him. Fascinated byher beauty and intelligence, Martin falls deeply in love with her, thinking that he has found the muse who will help him to write the perfect book. Who isthis strange woman that knows life and work so well? Is she a real muse? Is shea figment of his imagination? Is she a ghost who has slipped into the inner life of Martin Frost?

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