The ignorance of blood

YEAR 2013
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, Hernández y Fernández PC, Maestranza Films, El Diario de Carlota A.I.E, La Ignorancia de la sangre A.I.E.
DIRECTED BY Manuel Gómez Pereira
STARRING Juan Diego Botto, Paz Vega, Alberto San Juan, Cuca Escribano  
MUSIC Federico Jusid

Javier Falcón, Chief of Homicide Division in Sevilla, must solve two different cases in a short time. In the first situation he is personally involved: an old friend of his infiltrated an Islamic terrorist cell and now the group is trying to recruit his young son for their cause. At the same time, Falcón must also deal with the kidnapping of a child by the Russian mafia which he is investigating, but the ransom they are demanding is too high…

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