The Great Vázquez

YEAR 2010
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment S.L, Castafiore Films S.L., El Gran Vazquez A.I.E, Mila Producciones A.I.E., Distinto Films S.L.U,
DIRECTED BY  Óscar Aibar
STARRING Santiago Segura, Mercé Llorens, Álex Angulo, Enrique Villén, Jesús Guzman, Monolo Solo
MUSIC BY  Mastretta

Barcelona in the nineteen sixties. It’s spring, and Vazquez is living life to the fullest. His characters –The Gilda Sisters, Anacleto, The Cebolleta family…- are a success among Bruguera Press Comics. Meanwhile, the best comic book artist in Spain enjoys what he wants when he wants, doesn’t pay for anything, dodges his creditors with wit, mocks and cons his bosses and marries happily, collecting one family after another. All this until one boring accountant at his publishing company decides he must pass through the hoop as every other person. It will not be a simple task: for the brilliant artist, life is a party where you must sneak in if you have not been invited.

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