The Good Life 

YEAR 2009
PRODUCER BY  Andres Wood Producciones S.A, BD Cinw, Films Stock Investment S.A.
SCREENPLAY BY Andres Wodd, Rodrigo Bazaes, Mamoub Hassan
STARRING  Alline Kuppenheim, Manuela Martelli, Eduardo Paxeco, Roberto Farías, Manuelas Oyarzín, Paula Sotelo, Néstor Corona, Daniel Antivilo, Alfredo Castro
MUSIC BY  José Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar

Immature and without problems for his hedonism, Edmundo works in one of many hairdresser saloons. An unexpected event triggers an internal process in Edmundo that makes him investigate his past and reconstruct his own memory. Unconscious pictures fill these days, an erased and invented past which, for any reason, is coming to disturb the present.Everyday, Teresa goes to the public medical center to work with prostitutes in a Sexual Fantasies workshop to make them to promote the use of condoms in their clients, as part of a program devoted to dignify sex workers’ role and rights that shebelieves in.One morning in the upper quarter, Teresa finds a woman’s blonde hair in her husband’s jacket; she can choose between making it important or starting to open a fissure in her perfect and familiar balance. Teresa will discover her husband in hisdailyroutine with a prostitute only to be caressed and then go away. Following this woman, she’ll arrive at the hairdresser’s where Edmund’s working; without thinking about it, she’ll be taken to the mirror where, for first time since a long time ago, she’ll feel forced to consider and realize what she’s livingnow.

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