The Golden Dream

Cartel Alta Caprichos

YEAR 2013
PRODUCER BY Castafiore Films S.L., Cazador Solitario Films, Animal de Luz Films, Machete Producciones, Kinemascope Films, Imcime, Ibermedia and Gobierno del Estado de Chiapas
DIRECTED BY Diego Quemada Diez
SCREENPLAY BY Diego Quemada Diez, Gibrran Portela and Lucía Carreras
STARRING Brandom López, Rodolfo Domínguez, Karen Martínez, Carlos Chajón
MUSIC BY Leonardo Heiblum and Jacobo Lieberman

Juan, Sara and Samuel, three teenagers from the slums of Guatemala, travel to the United States in search of a better life. On their journey through Mexico, they meet Chauk, an Indian from Chiapas who doesn’t speak Spanish. Travelling together in freight trains and walking on railroad tracks, they soon have to face an odyssey that will change their lives forever. 

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