The Galindez File

YEAR 2002
PRODUCER BY Film Stock Investment, S.A, Atresmedia Cine, S.L., Story, SRL.,
DIRECTED BY Gerardo Herrero
SCREENPLAY BY Ángeles Gonzáles-Sinde, Rafael Azcona, Luis Marías
STARRING Saffron Burrows, Harvey Keitel, Eduard Fernándex, Gullermo Toledo, Reynalde Miravalles, Joel Angelino
MUSIC BY Patrick Doley

New York, Dominican Republic in the fifties. Madrid, the Basque Country and the Dominican Republic once again in the eighties. These are the scenes and the times spanned by “The Galíndez File”, a film which takes place some where between reality and fiction, based on the novel “Galindez” by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.At the end of the eighties, Muriel Colber arrives in Spain to work on adoctoral thesis about Jesús de Galíndez, a Basque exiled in the United Statesafter the Civil War, who was kidnapped and disappeared in strange circumstances in 1956 in New York.Her research soon leaves the academic field and goes deeper into the politicaland criminal sphere while those responsible for Jesús Galíndez’s death will do anything they possibly can to stop her discoveries coming to light.

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