The Food Guide to Love

YEAR 2012
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, Parallel Films and Haut Et Court Distributions Sarl
SCREENPLAY BY Teresa De Pelegri, Dominic Harari and Eugene O’Brien 
STARRING Richard Coyle, Leonor Watling, Ginés García Millán, Simon Delaney, Lorcan Granitch, Bronagh Gallagher, Ger Ryan and David Wilmot
MUSIC BY Ray Harman

London, England. Oliver Barners, author of the bestseller “The Food Guide To Love”, is feeling empty. His love life has become a string of meaningless dates, the latest with a woman wearing cheese and onion flavour edible panties. This has made him obsessively nostalgic for his ex Bibiana, who dumped him three times. He remembers Bibiana calling him an immature self-loving politically-apathetic meat-eating piece of shit when she left him. But that was in the heat of the moment. Like when she called Oliver’s idol Marcel Proust a literary masturbator. Proust’s most seminal work describes recouping lost happiness by eating a sponge cake. Convinced he can emulate the Frenchman, Oliver sets out to recoup Bibiana… This time for good. 

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