The Dinner Guest

Poster El Comensal
YEAR 2021
PRODUCED BY Tornasol SL, Okolin P.C A.I.E, EnBabia Films SL
DIRECTED BY Ángeles González Sinde
SCREENPLAY BY Ángeles González Sinde based on the novel by Gabriela Ybarra
STARRING Susana Abaitua, Ginés García Millán, Adriana Ozores, Fernando Oyagüez, Iñaki Miramón, Ane Garabain…
Iciar (Susana Abaitua) and Fernando (Fernando Oyagüez) are young and going through the most traumatic experience in their lives: the loss of a parent; but they don’t seem to be able to share that pain nor the means to handle it. They live in different times. In 1977 in Bilbao, Fernando faces the kidnapping of his father at the hands of ETA. In 2011 in Navarra, a ferocious cancer strikes down Amalia (Adriana Ozores), Iciar’s mother.

With this loss, Iciar processes the tragic kidnapping and murder of her grandfather, whom she never met, at the hands of ETA in 1977. Facing Fernando’s refusal (Ginés García Millán) to talk about it, Iciar embarks on a reconstruction of the kidnapping.  In an effort to bring light into the family’s memory, her father and her will meet again, in a way of looking into the past to face the future.

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