The Diary of Carlota 

YEAR 2010
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment S.A.  Castafiore Films S.L., Messidor Films SL., Milou Films S.L.
DIRECTED BY  José Manuel Carrasco
SCREENPLAY BY  José Manuel Carrasco, Roberto Santiago, Ángela Armero
STARRING Andrea Ros, Lorena Mateo, Lydia Fairén, Maxi Iglesias, David Castillo, Marcel Borrás, Sergio Parralejo 
MUSIC BY  Arturo Vaquero

Carlota has a crazy life: she is rescued from a cornice; she wins a judo tournament though she knows nothing about martial arts; she takes a pregnancy test with the help of a dog… You know, just the typical stuff that happens to sixteen years oldgirls…

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