The Archimedes Principle

YEAR 2004
PRODUCER BY Film Stock Investment S.A
DIRECTED BY Gerardo Herrero
STARRING Marta Belaustegui, Roberto Enríquez, Blanca Oteyza, Alberto Jiménez, Vicky Peña, Manuel Morón
MUSIC BY Lucio Godoy

Sonia is a high-level executive in the fashion industry who has almost no timeto spend with her husband and son. Rocío, also married and with a daughter, is Sonia’s neighbor and friend. Although she has excellent professional training, she has not been lucky and has always had temporary jobs.Each of them tries to get what the other already has, believing that will makeher life better. Sonia wants to find some quiet time to be with her son who she has only seen inhis pajamas lately, and Rocío wants power, social recognition, and financiali ndependence. Getting what they want is not going to be easy because stayinga float, like the Archimedes Principle, depends on two things: what they’re madeof, and the “liquid”, the work world and emotional climate, where they aretrying to swim.

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