The Absent

YEAR 2013
PRODUCER BY Edgar San Juan, Tornasol, Filmsy y Thierry Lenouvel 
DIRECTED BY Nicolas Pereda
SCREENPLAY BY Alejandro Mendoza
STARRING Eduard Fernandez, Gabino Rodríguez, Asela Manzano, Gabriela Hernández, Aurelio Santos Díaz, Laurencio Costes Vázquez, Bernardino Martas y Dionisio Claudio Martuezz.   
MUSIC BY Jose Dek Refugio “Cuco” Sánchez. 

A poor man in his mid seventies lives alone in a house near the beach in Mexico. He doesn’t have the land deed, so he ends up losing the property and his house gets demolished. He starts losing his mind. He embarks on a journey to the mountains wandering through the forest and into his memories. 

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