YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BYFilm Stock Investment ,S.A, Zona Audiovisual, Video Filmes 
DIRECTED BY Julia Solomonoff 
SCREENPLAY BY Julia Solomonoff 
STARRING Ingrid Rubio, Valeria Bertuccelli, Eusebio Poncela, Adrián Navarro ,Nicolás Pauls, Milton De La Canal
MUSIC BY  Lucio Godoy 

Natalia Levin, an Argentine journalist based in Spain, reunites with her sister Elena for the first time in nine years, after a long night in 1975, when shehad to go into exile. Elena has settled in Texas, where her husband, Sebastián, works for a multinational. Natalia´s memory brings back events leading up toher departure that have never been clarified. Elena makes an effort to bury her painful memories in the backyard of the “American dream.” The reunion will make both sisters face the truth with their eyes and hearts open. “Sisters” is a story about the sense of uprootedness and the need to regain one´s identity  through memory. It is also a movie of contrasts, of two different cultures,languages and decades: the 70´s and the 80´s; Argentina and the United States;the intensity, passion and violence of the 70´s in our country, in oppositionto the comforts, stability and calm of America in the 80´s, at the height ofthe Republican years.

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