Rough Winds

YEAR 2006
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment, S.A., Continental Producciones, S.L., Maestranza Film, S.L.,
DIRECTED BY Gerardo Herrero
SCREENPLAY BY  Ángeles González-Sine, Alberto Macías
STARRING José Luis García Pérez, Cuca Escribano, Roberto Enríquez, Alberto Jiménez, Carme Elías
MUSIC BY  Lucio Godoy

Juan Olmedo is 40. From the shipwreck he survived, he was able to save only hisniece and mentally retarded brother. Behind him, in a different city, he left apast as dramatic and capricious as the winds that lash the Atlantic Coast ofCádiz he chose as his new home, to escape from his memories. In thisout-of-the-way place, Juan meets Maribel, his cleaning lady, and Sara, another“outsider” and newcomer like himself. They unexpectedly help him face the memories that torment him relentlessly: a star-crossed love affair with hisbrother’s wife, and the mysterious death of the brother he both loved best and hated most: Damián.

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