Paper Castles

YEAR 2009
PRODUCER BY Agrupación de Cine 003, A.I.E., Castafiore Films S.L., Film Stock Investment S.A.
DIRECTED BY  Salvador García Ruiz
SCREENPLAY BY  Enrique Urbizu 
STARRING Adriana Urgarte, Nilo Mur, Biel Durán, Pepa Pedroche, Alonso Torregrosa, Cristian Magaloni, Álvaro Aguilar 
MUSIC BY Pascal Gaigne

María José is studying painting at the School of Fine Arts in a big city. One morning, as she’s preparing a canvas for class, Jaime, one of her classmates, draws her portrait though she doesn´t notice. Beside him, admiring his drawing abilities is Marcos, the most talented student in the class. María José expects Jaime to give her the portrait but after he shows it to her, he unexpectedly keeps it for himself. From then on, María José, Jaime and Marcos will share their passion for painting and something more, a love story that will last until their lives as students come to an end and they must face the real World.

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