Only Human

YEAR 2004
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment, S.A, Greenpoint Productions, Magragoa Produçao de Filmes, Patagonik Film Group
DIRECTED BY Teresa De Pelegrí
SCREENPLAY BY Teresa De Pelegrí, Dominic Harari
STARRING Norma Aleandro, Guillermo Toledo, María Botto, Marián Aguilera, Fernando  Ramallo, Alba Molinero 
MUSIC BY Charlie Mole

Leni brings Rafi home to introduce him to her Jewish family. Everything isgoing really well until the lovers say that Rafi is Palestinian. As his future mother-in-law is so upset by the news Rafi offers to take over in the kitchen.But the frozen soup falls out of the window, falls down seven floors and hits a pedestrian. As if the evening wasn’t catastrophic enough already, it turns outthat this pedestrian is Leni’s father….

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