No Return

YEAR 2010
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Invesment S.A., Castafiore Films S.L., Haddock Films
DIRECTED BY Miguel Cohan
SCREENPLAY BY Ana Cohan, Miguel Cohan
STARRING Leonardo Sbaraglia, Martín Slipak, Bárbara Goenaga, Luís Machín, Ana Celentano, Arturo Goetz, Agustín Vázquez
MUSIC BY  Lucio Godoy

A young man dies in a hit-and-run accident. The guilty driver has left no traces and there are no evidences against him. But the young man’s father, with the support of the media, demands that the person responsible for his son’s death should behunteddown and sent to jail.A series of chance events, together with the effects of the public pressure on the legal institutions, result in the wrong man being accused. Entangled in a mesh of chance and despair, the characters in the story must face guilt, responsibilityandtheintimate need for redemption in an escalation that eventually reaches a point of no return.

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