No One Writes to the Colonel


YEAR 1999
PRODUCED BY Amaranta Producciones, Film Stock Investment SA, Tornasol Films SA, DMVB
DIRECTED BY Arturo Ripstein
SCREENPLAY BY Paz Alicia Garciadiego
STARRING Marisa Paredes, Fernando Luján, Salma Hayek, Ernesto Yáñez, Rafael Inclán, Odiseo Bichir
MUSIC BY David Mansfield

Santiago Tuxtla México, 1949 The Colonel waits.

The Colonel has been waiting for 40 years. He waits patiently, with injured pride, quiet dignity. He awaits his army pension. He waits, hope against hope.

Over 25 years ago, after fighting valiantly in the so-called “Christ” wars in which the Mexican government– with its shiny new social revolution as violent and as cataclysmic as they come– confronted its peasantry, Apostolic and Roman Catholics to a man, who refused to accept the Jacobin laws of the new government.

The Colonel fought loyally in these wars on the side of the Republic, upholding the cause of the State.

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