Mediterranean Food 

YEAR 2009
PRODUCER BY  Messidor Films SL.
DIRECTED BY Joaquín Oristrell
SCREENPLAY BY Joaquín Oristrell, Yolanda García Serrano
STARRING Olivia Molina, Paco León, Alfonso Bassave, Carmen Balagué, Roberto Álvarez, Jesús Castejón
MUSIC BY Salvador Niebla, Kitflus

Sofia was born prematurely in a market in June 1968 on the same fated day that Robert Kennedy was assassinated. For 15 years she was raised amid the stove tops and tables of her parents´ restaurant. A hard-working, ambitious and unpredictable woman,shesoon falls in love with two men. With one of them, Toni (the son-in-law that every mother dreams of having), she gets married and has 3 children; with the other, Frank (the manager that every artist dreams of having), she becomes the best chef in the world.Sofia´s story, the best chef of the world, and the two men who helped her to become a legend.

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