YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BYFilm Stock Investment, S.A., Macu Films 
DIRECTED BY Solveig Hoogestejin
SCREENPLAY BY Solveig Hoogestejin, Fernando Castets, Claudia Nazoa 
STARRING Tristán Ulloa, Yorlis Domínguez, Elba Escobar, Luke Grande, Enghel Alejo, Víctor Cuica
MUSIC BY Nascuy Linares

A little girl fascinated by Mozart in the middle of committing an offence?Impossible or at least improbable. Maroa’s daily food are sentimental soapoperas, odd jobs and rap which they perform in the neighbourhood and at night the crack of bullets, shots reflected in surveys which count 130 deaths each weekend in the neighbourhood of Caracas. Brigida, her grandmother, a fortune teller, cheat and lottery seller abuses her and demands exact accounts but sheis her only family. Impetuous and determined Maroa’s life has no future untilthe moment when she hears the sound of the clarinet. The connection is deep and profound. Maroa’s days revolve around the music classes given by the musician Joaquin. This shy, committed man immediately takes an interest in this talented girl who lacks the most basic discipline

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