YEAR 2004
PRODUCER BY A. Wood Producciones, S.A, Film Stock Investment, S.A
SCREENPLAY BY Andrés Wood, Roberto Brodsky, Mamoun Hassan
STARRING Matías Quer, Ariel Mateluna, Manuela Martelli, Aline Küppenheim, Federico Luppi, Malbrán Ernesto
MUSIC BY Roque Baños

Chile, 1973. Gonzalo Infante and Pedro Machuca are two eleven-year-old boys who live in Santiago, the former in a wealthy neighborhood and the latter in arecently created, illegal shanty town just a few blocks away. There is a huge invisible wall dividing these two separate worlds, a wall that some people,caught up in the revolutionary fervor of the times, want to break down.One of these hopeful dreamers is the headmaster at a private parochial school,Father McEnroe. With support from the parents of his students, he admits children from the poor shantytown families into his elitist school. He isdetermined they will learn to respect each other. That is why Pedro Machuca isin the same class as Gonzalo Infante. The friendship between them is full ofdiscoveries and surprises.But in addition to the practical difficulties involved in this attempt atintegration, there are others caused by the open social confrontation takingplace in Chilean society…

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