Luna de Avellaneda

YEAR 2004
PRODUCER BY Film Stock investment , S.A, S.B, Producciones, S.A.
DIRECTED BY Juan José Campanella
SCREENPLAY BYJuan José Campanella, Juan Pablo Doménech, Fernando Castest
STARRING Ricardo Darín, Mercedes Morán, Eduardo Blanco, Valeria Bertuccelli, Silvia Kunica, Daniel Fanego, José Luis López Vázquez
MUSIC BY Ángel Illarramendi

Luna de Avellaneda is the story of an emblematic neighborhood social club: itused to be part of a splendor and finds itself today in the midst of a crisis that threatens its very existence. It would seem the only thing to do is tomake it a casino, but nothing would negate as much its foundational values andthe goals for which it was created in the 40’s: a social, sports and cultural club. The founders descendants will debate whether they should save themselves whatever the cost or meet again with those dreams.

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