Life Marks

YEAR 2002
PRODUCER BYFilm Stock Investment,S.A, Iberrota Fims, SL
DIRECTED BY Erique Urbizu
SCREENPLAY BY Michel Gaztambide
STARING José Coronado, Zay Nuba, Juan Sanz, Alfonso Torregrosa, Silvia Espigado, Yohama Cobo.
MUSIC BY Mario De Benito

Fito has not seen his older brother Pedro for years, not since he was a boy. Now, Fito is married to Juana and has a son named Jon. And a truck. And a debtto the bank. And a problem that keeps him from enjoying what he´s got: Fito gambles everything away.One day, Pedro returns. To stay with them for a few days. That´s all. And thatvisit, apparently so short and unimportant, will change their lives, leaving irreparable marks on the heart.

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