YEAR 2000
PRODUCED BY Film Stock Investment SA, Creativos Asociados de Radio y Televisión SA, El Puente Producciones SA
DIRECTED BY Mariano Barroso
SCREENPLAY BY Mariano Barroso, Luis Matías
STARRING Ernesto Alterio, Natalia Verbeke. José Sancho, Mehdi Ouazzani, Elena Ballesteros, Adolfo Fernández, Lucía Jiménez
MÚSIC BY Iván Wyszogrod

After five years in Morocco, Mario is eager to return to Spain. The day before he’s to leave, a fax tells him to meet the boss’s teenage daughter. She and a red Jaguar arrive by ferry. Mario postpones his trip to get her situated, but the next day, at the Kasbah, she and her car disappear. The girl’s father denies sending a fax, suspects she left Spain to join Mario, and thinks Mario killed her. Dad hires a murderous butcher to track Mario, who wants to find her for reasons not initially apparent. While Mario’s search takes him south toward Mauritania, his path crosses that of Alix, a Spanish actress on holiday. Relationships between fathers and children explain a lot.

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