It´s a Free World 

YEAR 2008
PRODUCER BY Sinteen Films, EMC Produktion GMBH, Film Stock Investment, S,A., Bim Distribucione S.R.L.
STARRING Kierston Wareing, Juliet Ellis, Leslaw Zurek, Joe Siffleet, Colin Coughlin, maggie Hussey, Raymond Mearns, Davoud Rastgou
MUSIC BY George Fenton

Angie may not have much formal education, but she´s got energy, wit and ambition, and she´s in her prime. She´s been messed about in the past and she´s fed up. She has a point to prove. This is her moment. Angie sets up a recruitment agency with her flat-mate Rose, working in a twilight zone between gangmasters, employment agencies and the migrant workers they place. This is a tale set against the reality of the Anglo Saxon miracle of flexible labour, globalisation, double shifts and lots of happy, happy, happy consumers: Us.

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