In The City

YEAR 2002
PRODUCER BY Messidor Films SL.
SREENPLAY BY Cesc Gay, Tomás Aragay 
STARRING Mónica López, Eduard Fernández, María Pujaite, Alex Brendemühl, Vicenta Ndongo 
MUSIC BY  Joan Díaz, Jordi Prats

The city is Barcelona, but it could be Boston or Baghdad … For in every cityone finds groups of friends who have woven unique tapes tries of relations,warm enough to give comfort in times of need, strong enough to with stand envyand jealousy. Friends like Sofia, Sara, Mario, Manu, Irene … Eight men and women in their thirties, leading unspectacular, normal lives. They meet in restaurants, bars and bedrooms; some are married to one another, others related. But how well do they know each other? Do they really tell each other everything? ´In the City´ paints the intimate portrait of people who are closeto one another yet cannot confide their inner most feelings. People who presen twishes as facts, betrayals as accidents, loneliness as an illusion … Who sometimes can´t express what they long to tell, and don´t know why they can´t.But who know that their friends will hold out their hands to catch them if they fall.

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