YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BY Televisión de Galicia,S.A, Film Stock Investment,S.A, Continental Producciones, SL
DIRECTED BY Gerardo Herrero
SCREENPLAY BY Ángeles González-Sinde
STARRING Adriana Ozores, Javier Pereira, María Bouzas, Carlos Blanco, Luis Iglesia B.
MUSIC BY Lucio Godoy

It is the 1980’s. Pilar is about 40, a middle-class wife and mother of three.Her completely ordinary life changes when she must face the greatest challenge ever: one of her children is addicted to heroin.She feels guilt and shame at first. Then her son turns into a delinquent andher family suffers irreparable harm. At that point, Pilar becomes determined todo much more than just suffer in silence. Along with other parents, she beginsthe long hard fight against drug trafficking in Galicia, where the dealers gounpunished. HEROINE is the story of a mere handful of mothers and fathers who wage an epicbattle against those with political and economic power, as well as a large partof society, as they fight to prove that drug-addicts are victims.It is also the story of Pilar and her son Fito. His youth goes to waste inprisons that people leave in worse shape than they entered, run by a justice system blind to the fact that these new prisoners are people with an illness,not delinquents. Fito and Pilar’s relationship is as stormy and contradictory as their struggle to survive.

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