Happy 140

Cartel Alta Caprichos

YEAR 2015
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, Hernández y Fernández PC, Foresta Films, La ignorancia de la sangre A.I.E.
DIRECTED BY Gracia Querejeta
SCREENPLAY BY Antonio Mercero and Gracia Querejeta
STARRING Maribel Verdú, Antonio de la Torre, Eduard Fernández, Nora Navas, Marian Álvarez, Álex O’Dogherty, Ginés García Millán, Paula Cancio and Marcos Ruíz.
MUSIC Federico Jusid

On her 40th birthday, Elia gathers together a few select relatives and friends at a luxury country house to tell them some extraordinary news: she has won a Jackpot of 140.000.000€! From that moment onwards, as the guests become aware that Elia has come by 140 million euros, the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense and what started off as shared happiness gradually transforms into greedy plotting to take Elia’s fortune. 

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