Frozen Silence 

YEAR 2011
PRODUCER BY  Tornasol Films, Castafiore Films S.L., Foresta Films, Zabra Producciones, Leituvos Kino Studija
DIRECTED BY  Gerardo Herrero
STARRING Juan Diego Botto, Carmelo Gómez, Jordi Aguilar, Víctor Clavijo, Francesc Orella, Sergi Calleja
MUSIC BY  Roque Baños

A Batallion of the Spanish ´Blue Division runs into a desolated landscape; a Cavalry Squadron frozen to death in a lake, their bodies still riding their horses. All but for one. His corpse lies on the ice; his throat slit. Engraved in blood onhisshoulder reads ´Watch out, God is Watching You´. Soldier Arturo Andrade, a former police inspector, is assigned to the case. He proceeds methodically with the investigation with the aid of Sergeant Estrada. The clues lead them to conclusions ofaperverse vengeance. Everyone is under suspicion, more than 18.000 people stuck in the cruel war. They are facing a serial killer who is a hunter in the snow.

Tornasol Media

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