From the Shadows



YEAR 2021
PRODUCED BY Tornasol SL, Desde la Sombra del Árbol A.i.E, Entre Chien et Loup (Bélgica)
DIRECTED BY Féliz Viscarret
SCREENPLAY BY David Muñoz, Félix Viscarret
STARRING Paco León. Leonor Watling, Añex Brendemühl, María Romanillos, Susana Abaitua, Juan Diego Botto, Marcos Ruis, Iñaki Gabilondo


Damian has just been fired after 20 years working in the same company. His reaction, both furious and a bit violent, makes him run away to escape his boss and in doing so, he hides in the first place he finds after leaving: a wardrobe on top of a van.

The wardrobe, with Damian inside it, is delivered to Lucia and Fede’s home, a couple who live with their teenage daughter Maria.

That same night, an unexpected impulse drives Damian to stay with the family and become a mysterious presence that will observe and move in the shadow.

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