YEAR 2017
PRODUCER BY España, Alemania and Cuba
DIRECTED BY Félix Viscarret
SCREENPLAY Leonardo Padura and Lucía López Coll
in collaboration with Félix Viscarret. Based on the novels of Leonardo Padura
CAST Jorge Perugorría, Carlos Enrique Almirante, Juana Acosta, Luis Alberto García, Enrique Molina, Mariam Hernández and Laura Ramos
MUSIC Mikel Salas

The novels “Past Perfect”, “Winds of Lent”, “Masks” and “Autumn Landscape”, on which the series is based, turned their author, Leonardo Padura, into one of the most famous and most awarded Latin American writers. Starring Detective Lieutenant Conde, these four stories, taking advantage of all the resources of crime fiction, offer a unique vision of Cuban reality and, at the same time, also present a universal perspective to his conflicts; something that has allowed the Conde novels to achieve enormous international success both in Spanish as well as in their numerous translations (into more than fifteen languages).


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