Eva doesn’t sleep

YEAR 2014
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, JBA Production, Haddock Films, Wrong Men, Aleph Cine
DIRECTED BY Pablo Agüero
STARRING Gael García Bernal, Denis Lavant, Imanol Arias, Daniel Fanego, Elena Roger, Sofía Brito, Nicolás Goldschimidt
MUSIC Valentin Portron

1952, Eva Perón just died. She is the most beloved, but also hated political figure of Argentina. An expert is in charge of her embalming. After yeas of hard work, he achieves a remarkable work. Meanwhile in Argentina coups follow each other and some dictators want to remove Evita’s legacy from the people’s memory. Her body become the stake of clashes during 25 years. This “sleeping beauty” became the most powerful figure than any other living politician.

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