Ciudad en Celo

YEAR 2007
PRODUCER BY Film Stock Investment, S.A., Zona Audiovisual- Financiera
DIRECTED BY Hernan Gaffet
STARRING Daniel Kuzniecka, Andrián Navarro, Dolores Solá, Nuria Gago, Claudio Rissi, Viviana Saccone
MUSIC BY Xavier Capellas

In a bar in Buenos Aires called Garlington (as a homage to Gardel and Ellington) a group of friends in their early forties meet up every day.The story takes place during the early days of spring: coats are cast offrevealing bodies and the group realize that the only thing they can talk aboutis women. Duke, the owner of the bar, has forbidden them to make comments about football and politics to avoid the long arguments between Sergio (ascript-writer) and Marcos (a sales man), the most constant regulars. Sebastián (a financial executive) has left the meetings at the Garlington andso has Valeria (tango singer), an impressive woman who has been the partner o fall three men.

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