Breathless Time

YEAR 2015
PRODUCER BY Tornasol Films, Hernández y Fernández PC, Zebra Producciones, La ignorancia de la sangre A.I.E.
DIRECTED BY Andrés Luque Pérez y Samuel Martín Mateo
SCREENPLAY BY Javier Echániz, Juan Gil Bengoa, Juan Carlos Gózan. 
STARRING Juana Acosta, Carmelo Gómez, Adriana Ugarte, Félix Gómez, Iván Luengo, Santi Díaz, Toni Acosta y Blanca Rodríguez. 
MUSIC Xavi Fondt

María, a Colombian nurse who lost her daughter at the hands of three militiamen, travels to the Spanish Canary Island accompanied by her youngest son to find one of the killers and get her revenge. She keeps with her a picture that she found in the ruined home, showing a face, an inscription and a name: Ivan Gonzalo, a school psychologist whose existence changes dramatically the moment he meets Maria, joins her incessant and obsessive search. Meanwhile, in their little corner of the island, Ivan and his girlfriend Vero are unaware that their lives are about to change forever. 

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