Bread and Roses


YEAR 2001
PRODUCED BY Alta Producciones SA Unipersonal, Film Stock Investment SA 
STARRING Pilar Padilla, Elpidia Carrillo y Adrien Brody
MUSIC BY George Fenton

Maya, a young Mexican, crosses the border to join her tough elder sister, Rosa (thirties) who works as a cleaner in a down-town tower block, home to some of LA’s most powerful corporate clients.

The two sisters have a deep but fiery relationship which is further streched by Sam, a talented and anarchistic Amercian activist, who is part of a dynamic campaign opposed to older methods of trade union organising. They have a simple motto, “No Justice, No Peace” and embark on a peaceful but highly imaginative guerrilla-like campaign fro trade union recognition agains cleaning companies and powerful corporate tenants of the tower block.

Sam burst into Maya and Rosa’s lives challenging them to fight for dignity at work, at the same time as exposing them to dangers which threaten not only thier livelihood, but that of the extended family. Or even worse, expulsion from the country.

Sam is drawn to Maya’s free spirit and vulnerability. She is drawn to his sense of purpose and wit, but infuriated by his carelessness which leaves them exposed.

The accelerating dispute and heightened stakes forge and burst tight relationships with both wonderful and terrible consequences. Loyalty and betrayal poke at each other, only separated by most delicate membrane; a belief in the possibility that the most marginalised of L.A. communities can organise and win against the odds.

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