Born to Suffer 

YEAR 2009
PRODUCER BY  Film Stock Investment S.A, Castafiore Films S.L., Nacidas para Sufrir A.I.E.
DIRECTED BY Miguel Albaladejo 
SCREENPLAY BY Miguel Albaladejo
MUSIC BY Lucio Godoy 

Aunt Flora is a 70-year-old woman who has always had to care for others. She never married because she was never really interested in men, but that meant all her relatives turned to her when they needed someone to take care of them. First it was her parents, then her three nieces…When the girls grew up and left the village, she had to look after her Aunt Virtudes, also single and very long-lived. Flora uncomplainingly agreed to look after her but felt indignant that none ofher nieces would consider moving back to town to lend a hand.Her nieces do what they think is sensible: they look for another woman to help Flora, paying her to live with Flora and Aunt Virtudes. This woman is Purita, an absolute saint, hard-working, submissive, obedient and quite…almost like a slave.

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