Blue Days

YEAR 2006
PRODUCER BY Milou Films,S.L.,Contnental Producciones, S.L., Film Stock Investment , S.L.
DIRECTED BY Miguel Santesmases
SCREENPLAY BY Miguel Santesmases, Anton Casariego, Martin Casariego
STARRING Javier Pereira, Javier Rios Fernandez, Oscar Jaenada
MUSIC BY Mastretta

Summertime in Galicia, eleven years ago. Three brothers who are very close-Boris, Carlos and Alex- arrive in Ferrol to spend their last weekend there.Their visit is bittersweet because they´ve come to say good-bye to the family home where they´ve always spent their summers, which has just been sold. One night, a tragic car accident means that one of the brothers, accused ofhomicide, has to set sail for Brazil. Summertime, now. Eleven years have passedand the statute of limitation on the crime has run out. Carlos returns from Brazil and sees his brothers. Their mother died and her last wish was to beburied in Ferrol. So the three of them arrive in the place they never expectedto see again. During the days they spend in the town, they will find what they left behind, come to understand what they´ve gained and what they´ve lost, anddiscover that there is still time for them to change. And the hidden truth that has influenced their lives for the last few years will come to light.

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