Bear´s Kiss

YEAR 2001
PRODUCER BY Pandora Film, Film Stock investment, S.A, Alia Film, Orsans Pictures
DIRECTED BY Serguéi Bodrov
SCREENPLAY BY Serguéi Bodrov, Carolyn Cavallero
STARRING Rebecka Lijieberg, Joachim Król, Serguéi Bodrov Jr, Keith Allen, Maurizio Donadoni, Anne-Marie Pisani
MUSIC BY Sig, Giya Kancheli

Lola is a 14 year-old girl who lives in an Italian Circus where she performs with her mother in a trapeze act. She loves the circus with its magic but outside she doesn’t feel happy, children insult her and she prefers to be alone. Her only friend is a bear cub, Misha, that Marco, her step-father bought for her in Russia. Lola adores Misha and they are inseparable. One night,Carmen admits that she is not her real mother even though she has always loved her like a daughter; she then goes away leaving a short farewell note. Lola decides to stay with Marco and the bear. Now that she’s got to perform on her own and take care of everything herself her feelings of loneliness deepen. Lola feels closer than ever to Misha who has turned into an imposing bear. One night Lola can’t find him in his cage but in his place she sees a naked young man who claims to be Misha…..

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