Ants in the Mouth

YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BYMessidor Films, SL., Drive Cine, S.L., ICAIC
DIRECTED BY Mariano Barroso 
SCREENPLAY BY Mariano Barroso, Alejandro Hernandez, Con La Colaboración De Tom Abrams 
STARRING  Eduard Fernández, Ariadna Gil, Jorge Perugorría, José Luis Gómez, Samuel Claxton, Isabel Santos 
MUSIC BY Xavier Capellas

1958, Martin has spent eight years in a Spanish prison after being surprised by the police in the middle of a bank robbery. When he is free once again, hetravels to Havana to look for Julia who was his ideological and sentimental partner and who managed to get away from the police with the booty from the robbery. Finding Julia eight years later is not an easy task for Martin and getting the lost money back is even more difficult. Havana is a city in full politica lupheaval. The time and the place are perfect for all types of gangsters, freeloaders and fortune hunters to turn up in search of a slice of the cake.The city is living through a time of hope and contradictions.

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