Ana Tramel. All In.

YEAR 2020
PRODUCED BY RTVE in coproduction with Tornasol and DeAPlaneta, in association with ZDF Enterprises, with the support of Government of Navarra
DIRECTED BY Salvador García Ruíz and Gracia Querejeta
SCREENPLAY BY Roberto Santiago and Ángela Armero based on the novel “Ana Tramel” by Roberto Santiago
STARRING Maribel Verdú, Natalia Verbeke, Israel Elejalde, Luis Bermejo, Unax Ugalde, María Zabala, Bruno Sevilla, Pepa Pedroche, Ismael Martínez, Víctor Clavijo, Biel Montoro, Juanma Cifuentes, Tomás del Estal, Carlos Olalla, Joaquín Climent, Elvira Mínguez. 
MUSIC BY Lucio Godoy

Ana Tramel is a brilliant criminal lawyer at the lowest time in her life. A call from her long-lost brother Alejandro launches her back into action. He’s been accused of killing the Gran Castilla casino manager. Surrounded by a small but trusted team, Ana takes on the huge gambling corporation.  

All the gambling information, events, characters and locations featured in this story are based on or directly inspired by real life. In the words of Ana Tramel, we could have made things about gaming up, but the truth is much more interesting and awful.

Nominated in the fiction category at the 60th edition of the Monte-Carlo Télévision Festival

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